Take Your Love of Wine to the Next Level

Hey there wine enthusiast! There is no argument that shopping for wines made by the pros is the easier route for a great wine experience, but have you considered taking your love of wine to the next level and making your own? Have you entertained the idea of what delicious recipes you could concoct on your own? With wine making, you’re in total control ; you get to decide what kind of fruit you want to include, if you want to include fresh fruit or pre-made fruit juice, and embrace the science of it all to come up with your perfect recipe.

Winemaking is a fun passion project – it is a wonderful pastime and an excellent way to make friends. If you are interested in the captivating art of wine making, we’d like to share with you a few resources that might help to demystify the experience.

Need a place to start? Why not read up on the subject? Check out some books that will help you master the art of wine making.

The Art of Winemaking: A classic beginners book that uses simple language and terminology to help newbies master “the art of wine”. With over fifty wine recipes, one can make wine from a variety of different fruits. Whether you are a traditionalist looking for new ideas or a beginner who has suddenly acquired a lot of fruit, one is certain to find answers here. This book gives you endless opportunities and guidelines to experiment with wine making awesomeness.

The Winemaker’s Answer Book: This book has every solution to every problem a person might have when they are making wine. A very easy book to follow and a great tool for beginners – this book will help the most perplexed beginner become an expert after reading the book.

Winemakers Recipe Handbook: Want to make different varieties of wine? Well this book is the right fit for you. Winemakers Recipe Handbook has over 100 easy-to-use recipes for you to make.

Now that you’ve read up on wine making, let’s check out some of these essential materials you’ll need.

Wine making kits – You will have all the supplies you need to make wine when using wine making starter kits. There are three different wine making kits on our website: The SunCal wine making kit comes with SunCal concentrates and The Art of Making Wine book; the Your Fruit! wine making kit doesn’t include fruit, but does include two winemaking books; and the California Connoisseur wine making kit includes California Connoisseur wine making juice.

Wine barrels – An efficient way to store your finished wine for aging. All of Adventures in Homebrewing’s wine barrels are Hungarian oak that includes a medium toast, its own oak stand, and a fitted hardwood oak bung. The advantages of having an oak barrel is that for red wines, the barrel aging offers controlled oxidation to house several classes of complex chemicals that can add to the texture and flavor of white and red wines.

Wine bottles and corks – There are different colors and sizes of wine bottles to choose from and a lot of cork options as well. There are wooden corks, synthetic corks, superior grade corks, extra first grade, and first grade corks; so many to choose from right?

Wine filtering systemsWine filtering systems are optional depending on what kind of wine you decide to make, the source of the juice, and if your wine will be aged. You can enhance your wines appearance, shorten its aging time, and lighten its body and color. Filtering your wine also makes you wine more stable. There are two major take home filtering systems which is “Gravity Feed” and “Pressurized” filters. Gravity Feed filtration systems are performed with gravity as the only pressure. Pressurized filtering system filters the wine by forcing it through wine filter pads under pressure.

We hope that we’ve piqued your interest in the art and enjoyment of winemaking. If you’re looking for more information, check out the rest of our blog: https://blog.homebrewing.org.