Gifts for Wine Makers: These 5 Gifts are Absolutely Perfect for Wine Lovers

Champagne in a bucketSo it’s nearing the holiday season and you don’t have your gifts together just yet.

Maybe because you started shopping just a little late this year or you’ve just been looking for that perfect gift and have yet to find it.

Regardless of why you’re still searching, you’ve put a lot of thought behind what would really make your loved one excited.

Online wine sales have grown 22% year over year.

This means that more and more wine lovers are beginning to shop online for all their wine needs.

But, online wine shopping can be a double-edged sword. The endless options can be overwhelming and make finding the perfect gift more difficult.

In this article we’re going to show you some of the best gifts for home winemakers that they’ll be sure to love.

The Top 5 Gifts for Wine Makers

Fermenting Bag

Wine fermentation bag

This handy jumbo fermenting bag is made from fine mesh, is heavy-duty and is designed to help with multiple uses. It’s extremely helpful in the different stages of the fermentation process because it keeps the pulp in control when the fruit is being crushed.

Being that this bag is 24” deep and 18” wide makes it excellent for wine creators that need a reliable fermenting bag. The drawstring included makes for easy handling while the durability enables it to withstand boiling temperatures.

This is a must-have for wine creators.

Glass Airlock

Wine glass airlock

This glass airlock is a key tool for making wine. Like the fermenting bag, it’s used during the fermentation process. The beautiful twin ball design makes this an amazing conversation piece.

This glass airlock is highly durable and has great capacity, maintaining batches of up to 20 gallons. It’s also super easy to fill because of the fluted opening and very fun to watch.

Our glass airlock is handmade, ensuring that you’ll have the best experience with lasting quality.

Heat Shrink Capsules

Wine heat shrink capsules

This is the perfect way to give your wine bottles a professional look. These capsules actually shrink and snug around both the neck and top of your bottle to give it that perfect fit.

They are very simple to use and work by placing the capsule over the neck of the bottle and placing it into hot water for around 10 seconds. The shrinkable PVC material fits the bottle perfectly.

These heat shrink capsules come with full instructions on how to use them and come in 9 different colors, including clear.

Sugar Scale Hydrometer

Wine sugar scale hydrometer

Our Sugar Scale Hydrometer is another great tool for winemakers. It helps keep track of the fermentation process and allows you to visually see the alcohol content before, during and after fermentation.

The included Sugar Scale shows how much sugar is contained in the liquid by ounces per gallon. The weighted glass sphere allows for the tube to stand in an upright position when placed in liquid.

The gravity scale ranges from .990 to 1.170 while the alcohol scale ranges from potentially -2 to +22%. This Sugar Scale Hydrometer also comes with a complete set of instructions.

Wine Making Books

Wine making books

One of the best gifts to give someone who is just beginning their wine making journey are books. While there are a slew of books online about wine making, our company has some of the best winemaking books that range from wine recipes to kit tips and woodworking for winemakers.

These make excellent add-on gifts that can be paired with some of our other products and make the ultimate wine gift basket.

Celebrate the holidays with Adventures in Homebrewing

Gift giving can be hard. But hopefully we just made it easier for you!

From beginner essentials to advanced tools for experienced makers, Adventures in Homebrewing has something for everyone.

If you’re looking for affordable, high-quality products, grab some gifts from our store for this upcoming holiday season.


Take Your Love of Wine to the Next Level

Hey there wine enthusiast! There is no argument that shopping for wines made by the pros is the easier route for a great wine experience, but have you considered taking your love of wine to the next level and making your own? Have you entertained the idea of what delicious recipes you could concoct on your own? With wine making, you’re in total control ; you get to decide what kind of fruit you want to include, if you want to include fresh fruit or pre-made fruit juice, and embrace the science of it all to come up with your perfect recipe.

Winemaking is a fun passion project – it is a wonderful pastime and an excellent way to make friends. If you are interested in the captivating art of wine making, we’d like to share with you a few resources that might help to demystify the experience.

Need a place to start? Why not read up on the subject? Check out some books that will help you master the art of wine making.

The Art of Winemaking: A classic beginners book that uses simple language and terminology to help newbies master “the art of wine”. With over fifty wine recipes, one can make wine from a variety of different fruits. Whether you are a traditionalist looking for new ideas or a beginner who has suddenly acquired a lot of fruit, one is certain to find answers here. This book gives you endless opportunities and guidelines to experiment with wine making awesomeness.

The Winemaker’s Answer Book: This book has every solution to every problem a person might have when they are making wine. A very easy book to follow and a great tool for beginners – this book will help the most perplexed beginner become an expert after reading the book.

Winemakers Recipe Handbook: Want to make different varieties of wine? Well this book is the right fit for you. Winemakers Recipe Handbook has over 100 easy-to-use recipes for you to make.

Now that you’ve read up on wine making, let’s check out some of these essential materials you’ll need.

Wine making kits – You will have all the supplies you need to make wine when using wine making starter kits. There are three different wine making kits on our website: The SunCal wine making kit comes with SunCal concentrates and The Art of Making Wine book; the Your Fruit! wine making kit doesn’t include fruit, but does include two winemaking books; and the California Connoisseur wine making kit includes California Connoisseur wine making juice.

Wine barrels – An efficient way to store your finished wine for aging. All of Adventures in Homebrewing’s wine barrels are Hungarian oak that includes a medium toast, its own oak stand, and a fitted hardwood oak bung. The advantages of having an oak barrel is that for red wines, the barrel aging offers controlled oxidation to house several classes of complex chemicals that can add to the texture and flavor of white and red wines.

Wine bottles and corks – There are different colors and sizes of wine bottles to choose from and a lot of cork options as well. There are wooden corks, synthetic corks, superior grade corks, extra first grade, and first grade corks; so many to choose from right?

Wine filtering systemsWine filtering systems are optional depending on what kind of wine you decide to make, the source of the juice, and if your wine will be aged. You can enhance your wines appearance, shorten its aging time, and lighten its body and color. Filtering your wine also makes you wine more stable. There are two major take home filtering systems which is “Gravity Feed” and “Pressurized” filters. Gravity Feed filtration systems are performed with gravity as the only pressure. Pressurized filtering system filters the wine by forcing it through wine filter pads under pressure.

We hope that we’ve piqued your interest in the art and enjoyment of winemaking. If you’re looking for more information, check out the rest of our blog:

Making Beverages to Match any Occasion

Home Wine Making

Image via

Beautiful days are made by combining the best of the things that you like to do. There are some things that can make a beautiful day even more memorable, a touch more personal and excellent. How about if you were offering hand crafted drinks to your pals; able to describe the creative process behind each subtly nuanced flavor? What if you could do that without visiting a microbrewery? Of course, you know that you can.
Becoming the ‘Smiling Bartender’
You’ve heard of those beer makers who brew beer at home, ranging from the palest of ales to the deepest, darkest, most full bodied brew. Maybe you’ve even tried your hand at the process, or know someone who crafts drinks to suit their tastes. Have you ever noticed their proud demeanor and smile as they pour you a drink and talk about the taste sensation you’re about to experience? This experience can be yours..
Moving Beyond the Sealed Bottle
Whether you’ve only contemplated wine making from the consumer’s vantage point – a sealed bottle, ready to be opened – or have delved into these age old crafting traditions in the past, Adventures in Homebrewing is your source for all the necessary materials. Well, all the manufacturing necessities, anyway.
Without Limits
You don’t have to only think of others when crafting your own specialty libations. Nor do you have to hide the keg in a fridge in your off-limits space. Your approach can be your own, just as surely as your brews will be. Want to make crisp summer lagers to enjoy a glass at a time as you sit on the front porch during the summer? You don’t need to worry about sharing with others if you’d prefer to have a quiet drink on your own each day.
Regardless of your approach to the art of brewing, Adventures in Homebrewing can help you arrive at your destination. With more than forty years of experience under their belts, they can answer any questions you may have. In no time at all, you’ll be making drinks that taste just how you’ve imagined they should.
Like the tight seal on a bottle of perfect wine, you can make an impeccable beverage today, just like masters of beer brewing and the wise vintners who make wine at home. There’s no need to wait. Adventures in Homebrewing has everything you need to begin!