6 Great Beers To Brew For Football Season!

Beer made from homebrew recipe kit that goes good with football.Just like apple pie, baseball and Cracker Jacks, and mac & cheese, beer and football is a classic combination. For football season you need something you can drink over the course of a three-hour game, a tasty session beer that’s just as good for tailgating as it is for sharing with friends around the tube. Granted, just about any beer goes well with football, but some seem to fit the season better than others.
Consider brewing one or more of these homebrew recipe kits to enjoy throughout the football season.

  • Steam Freak Buddy Light – This homebrew recipe kit delivers the ideal tailgating beer, a light American lager that’s easy to drink. A clone of Peyton Manning’s favorite beer, the Buddy Light kit will be perfect for playing cornhole, throwing the pigskin around the parking lot, and washing down a portion of burgers and brats.
  • Steam Freak Fat Liar – Balance is the main feature of this American amber ale. Floral hops and biscuity malts combine to deliver a pleasant, drinkable, moderately hopped beer with some roasted notes to keep things interesting.
  • Brewer’s Best German Oktoberfest – Although football is an American sport, sometimes it’s nice to enjoy some beer styles from across the pond. This malt-forward German lager fits the bill perfectly. Coming out at about 5.5% ABV with some malty sweetness and just a hint of hops, this amber beer is made for a long fall day of drinking.
  • Steam Freak Blue Noon – This Blue Moon clone kit satisfies all the requirements of a Shop Homebrew Recipe Kitsgood football beer: light, flavorful, and easy-drinking. Orange peel and coriander bring an interesting combination to the beer, while wheat gives it some body. Feel free to serve with a wedge of orange or lemon.
  • Steam Freak Steam Stoker Stout – If you find yourself tailgating in the snow, you might be ready for a dark, roasty, higher gravity thirst quencher with a little extra alcohol to keep the cold at bay. This homebrew recipe kit delivers about 7% ABV and roughly 50 IBUs, packing plenty of punch to keep you warm well into the fourth quarter.
  • Brewcraft Pacific Northwest Pale Ale – For the West Coast hop heads out there, this homebrew recipe kit features the classic, citrus/pine combination of Cascade and Centennial hops, supported by some toasty and malty specialty grains for a tasty malt flavor. It’s a well-balanced beer at 5.3% ABV, 54 IBUs.

What do you think – what’s the perfect homebrew recipe kit to make for football season? Tell us below!
David Ackley is a beer writer, brewer, and self-described “craft beer crusader.” He holds a General Certificate in Brewing from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling and is founder of the Local Beer Blog.