Top 10 Reasons to Make Your Own Wine

  1. It’s easy- By simply following the instructions provided in wine making kits, you’re bound to make some tasty wine. Once you master the steps, the instructions will seem pointless- they will be stored in your expert wine making brain!  
  2. Save money- Imagine never having to buy wine again. Once you have all of the equipment for home wine making, making additional batches is inexpensive. Say goodbye to the liquor store and hello to all of the money you’ll be saving!
  3. Homemade wine has health benefits- Once you become more advanced, you can experiment with the ingredients a bit if you wish. You can choose to add less sugar or less alcohol, making your wine healthier.
  4. You can choose its flavors- When you choose your own wine recipes; you have the ability to give it its own special taste.  You can add flavors such as dried Elderflower to enhance the taste and smells of your creation.
  5. Great activity to reduce stress- Winemaking is both relaxing and enjoyable. Taking the time out of your hectic schedule for a leisure activity is a healthy way to reduce stress.
  6. Always have something to bring to an event or party- Depending on the size of your barrel or carboy, a batch of wine can produce anywhere from 25-100 bottles of wine. Anytime you go to an event or party, you’ll be sure to have the most popular contribution or gift.
  7. Gives you something to talk about- Winemaking is cool; it’s as simple as that. Everyone will want to know about your new hobby and find it fascinating your making your own wine. It is a great conversation starter for when you’re with friends or on a first date!
  8. Make new friends- Winemakers around the globe love sharing their ideas and stories with others, which is why it is a great community to be a part of. There are countless blogs and forums of winemakers, where you’ll enjoy chatting about your mutual hobby. There are also plenty of wine making events where making new friends is impossible not to do!
  9. Benefit your Health – Studies have shown that drinking red wine in moderation (approximately one or two glasses per day) can have numerous health benefits. Red wine has been shown to benefit heart health, protect against certain cancers, and lower cholesterol.
  10. Win awards – If you think you have the best skills around (and of course the best wine making equipment around); there are plenty of contests for home winemakers. These events provide for a great place to make new friends, win prizes, money, and recognition!