Home-Made Wine Making Experience

A friend had given me a wine-making recipe that I have used for several years. It doesn’t call for special yeast’s, but one regular pack of bread yeast. One quart of Cranberry Juice; two cans of Concentrated Grape Juice; One pound of white cane sugar. Plus one gallon glass jug, rubber cork & economy-lock.
I dissolved the yeast first, place in the jug first. Then I semi-dissolve the sugar in the juices, and place that in the jug. Fill the rest of the jug with water to an inch below the neck of the jug. The rubber cork with a hole thru it, place in the top of the jug. Fill the economy-lock half-full of water and place it in the hole of the cork.
It takes one month to brew.
During that time of brewing, I go to the bars in town, asking the bartenders for any empties of whiskey or wine bottles (especially the dark brown and green bottles). Never the clear glass bottles!! Those clear bottles turn my grape wine brown in color and taste like raisin wine.
I clean out the bottles by using the hottest water to sterile the bottles. It also makes it easy to clean the labels off the bottles.
( Of the bottles that I collect from the bars, I try to make sure that each bottle has it’s screw-on cap.)
Try these suggestions:
Change the Concentrate Grape Juice for White Apple Juice, and change the Cranberry Juice for White Grape Juice.
Change the cranberry juice to raspberry juice and grape juice to cherry juice.
Name: Jerry Schachterle
State: Michigan

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  1. I have never made wine. I am going to try this recipes for wine I’ll tell you how it turns out. thank you.