The 3 Different Methods Of Homebrewing

Malt Extract SyrupBeer brewing is not just a crude process of fermenting grains, it is an art and even minor changes in the brewing process can bring surprising results in the taste of the beer. The wort, for example, can be prepared using three different methods, each one becoming a little more involved than the one before.
Method #1: Wort From Malt Extract:
Making a wort from a prepare malt extract kit is the simplest processes for creating a beer wort. Boil at least two gallons of water and add flavored malt extract to it. That’s it! You have your wort and you can use this to make beer. The hops have already been incorporated into the malt extract as an oil. Each type of syrup is made from a specific blend of grains that produces the intended style of beer.
Method #2: Wort From Partial Mash:
This method is a little more involved but fun. Both malted barley and malt syrup are used. Fill a pot with at least two gallons of water and add the grains. Allow this mixture to steep. Usually at around 155° F. to 165° F. You can enclose the grains in a specially prepared steeping bag but this depends on your equipment. How long you steep the grains varies with the beer style. Now remove the grains from the liquid and add the malt syrup. What you have now is a wort.
Method #3: Wort From All-Grain:
This process is a bit different from the steeping grain one as it does not make use of malt extract. This method requires specialized equipment like mash tun, lauter tun, hot liquor tank, and a grain mill. You need to start by milling the grain. You want the grains to be cracked not ground. Now, add this grain to hot water and heat it to a temperature as required by your beer recipe. This process is known as mashing. Now separate the sweet wort from fine grain by using the lauter tun. This sweet wort is sparged to produce the required wort.
As you move on from beginner to expert levels in homebrewing, you will appreciate that this process, though time consuming, is one of the best to produce great wort and even finer beer. Plus you get to experiment and create your own beer according to your preferences.

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  1. what is the least amout of equipment do I need to try and make homebrew for the first time.

  2. Joe, you are going to need at least a large cooking pot, bottle capper, siphon hose, at least one fermenter with an air-lock attached, stirring spoon, hydrometer (to know when to bottle), a sanitizer of some sort. This was the philosophy used when putting together the Beermaker’s Necessities Box that we offer. To get you the minimum amount of stuff you need to practically get started. It also comes with the ingredients to make a beer of your choice:

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