Christmas Shopping For The Home Winemaker Made Easy!

Wine Making GiftsChristmas shopping for wine making gifts is not an easy task. You’re trying to find a special gift for the home winemaker in your life when you barely know a wine press from a wine barrel. What could be more difficult. Well, we’re going to make this holiday season a little more merry for you and give you a little help.
We’ve assisted all kinds of unknowing Christmas shoppers over the years, and here’s what we’ve found. There is a group of wine making products that most home winemaker’s don’t have but should. These are items that either make wine making more fun or make the wine better. These are the type of items that make perfect wine making gifts.
Wine Bottle Labels 
Here’s a fantastic way to add a professional touch to a wine bottle while also keeping it unique and personal. We have wine bottle labels of various designs that can be customized with your own personal message. They come four to a sheet and can be ran through any computer printer.
Hydrometer Storage Case
Most home winemakers have a hydrometer for testing their wine, but many home winemakers do not have a safe way to store their hydrometer. They’re made of very thin glass and break if jostled around during storage, etc. A new item we offer that solves this problem is our Hydrometer Storage Case.
Floor Model Corker 
Turn your special someone into a real corker! If corking wine bottles seems to be a big chore, a Floor Model Corker may just do the trick. One person can go to town corking bottle after bottle with minimal effort. Add a second person to load the bottle while the other loads the cork and you’ve got one fast operation.
Bottle Tree 
Another item that would fit the category, nice wine making gifts, is our Bottle Tree. This item allows you to dry up to 90 wine bottles at a time in a very small space. The Bottle Tree is put together with stack-able pieces, so it works just as good for 9 bottles as it does 90.
MiniJet Wine Filter 
This wine filter is a great way to add a polished, brilliant look to any wine. While MiniJet Wine Filter doesn’t filter hundreds of gallons an hour like a professional winery filter does, it still filters just as good a professional winery filter. It takes out cloudy particles just as fine as the professional wine filters. It just does at 15 gallons per hour.
22 Gallon Tuff-Tank 
Maybe the winemaker you know is ready to step up their operation. Well then give them a big boost with our 22 Gallon Tuff-Tank. This tank holds a lot of wine in a very small area. They’re also very rugged. The lid threads on and off and seals up tight with a rubber o-ring around the lid making it perfect for fermenting wine.
Still need more help?
You can contact us during office hours and talk to one of our representatives who are eager to help you find gift that’s just right!
Merry Christmas & Happy Wine Making
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Ed Kraus is a 3rd generation home brewer/winemaker and has been an owner of E. C. Kraus since 1999. He has been helping individuals make better wine and beer for over 25 years.