Briess Malt: The Best Part of Food

Malted BarleyBriess malt is prepared with a dieter’s health in mind. It consists of the right blend of fresh, non-genetically modified organic ingredients and has been dominating the North American food industry for some time. Malt is a leading part of pet food, brews and beverages and makes for quick, healthy, low-fat recipes.
Briess malt is made using barley seeds which have a protein-rich grain and a tough husk. These grains undergo a series of systematic process, known as malting, which produces malted barley or malt.  Most importantly, the process of malting produces enzymes that convert barley starch into edible and nutritious sugars like fructose, glucose and maltose. As a part of snacks like cookies, crackers, and granola, malt provides a high energy diet and the right PH balance. Beside, when food needs a dash of color and texture, malt is always the best ingredient.
Briess malt extract is used for their rich hues and smooth texture. The dark, dense, malty flavor is among the most popular features of this malt. There are two distinct classes of malt- standard and special. While the standard variety is enzyme rich, the latter is better is terms of providing body to any food, whether soups and salads or tea.
Among the many reasons that make Briess malt a safe part of daily diet is the constant quality control and research that goes behind every grain. Right from choosing healthy grains to following proper malting processes, storage and distribution, this malt is certified by ASI and GMA and undergoes several stages of laboratory checks to ensure that quality features are locked in.
Breiss malt is prepared using the best technologies. For healthy living, there is practically no better malt. It is packed in spatiality packs and stored in the most hygienic sills that prevent contamination through pests, air, moisture, or allergen contact.


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