Middle East Wine Making

I started making wine from age 10 years unfortunately faced many problems such as oxidation also in my country they leave the pulp up to 50 days in the containers (cause strengthen taste)…. but now because of your valuable information of your website I enhanced the ways…….
First I collect ripen fruits of both red and white grapes clean them and destemming the mix the ratio that I want of black grapes(30%)+70% white grapes to reach the desired color… I can measure by refractometer the brix 22-24 the crushing the fruits then cover the container with white cloth to about 7 days in meanwhile I break the cap twice a day until brix reach 8 after that lift up the must and make 1st racking … then close the barrel and make water trap to about 40 days and then 2nd racking …..sweeten the wine plus sodium metabisulfite…..bottling.
By the way I deepen in my fermentation on the wild bacteria.. because in my country i don’t know how to obtain it (also i put small label on my bottle like santa claus …….
Name: Yacoub Emeel Hijazeen
State: Kingdom of Jordan/Middle East