Fixed Income Hand Crafted Vino…

My process is purely simple and all done by hand, I pick my grapes from my backyard vines, wash in a colander and de-stem at the same time then transfer grapes to a stainless steel bowl, mash the grapes with a potato masher then strain through cheese cloth (which cause hand cramps from wringing the juice through) from there to the poly fermenter, then I add the rest of the ingredients to make a fine wine that has all my friends in awe and in line for the next 6 gallons to be bottled..
Name: Bob Schultz
State: Michigan

0 thoughts on “Fixed Income Hand Crafted Vino…

  1. I have tried Bob’s wine and it is excellent, some of the best wine I have ever tried.

  2. I read your reasons why the corks are popping out. Can I still save the vine? Please help, I am desperate.

  3. Kathern, there’s two ways you can handle this. This first, is to store the wine in the refrigerator. Keeping the wine that cold will stop any further corks from popping out. Your second course of action is to pour all the wine back into the fermenter and let it finish fermenting. When you think it is finished, verify this with a hydrometer, then bottle again.