What You Need to Brew Beer at Home

Ever thought about what it would be like to make your own beer? To custom brew a combination of flavors exactly to your personal preferences? You don’t need a factory or plant – all you need are some basic materials and a little bit of space to start brewing beer at home!
We offer the Beermakers Necessities Box as the premiere home beer making kit. It has all you need to start brewing beer at home. For those just starting out home brewing,

  1. Screw-top Fermenter – The fermenter is usually in the form of a tub or jug. This is where the yeast ferments, both in the first and second fermentation cycles. The best fermenters offer airtight concealment and faucets to make draining and bottling easier.
  2. Plastic Carboy – In case your fermenter isn’t optimal for both fermentations, a carboy is ideal for the second fermentation cycle. Its main purpose though is to store the beer (or wine) you’ve created at home in mass quantities (they usually come in 3-6 gallon sizes!
  3. Triple Scale Hydrometer – The purpose of a hydrometer is pretty basic: to track the progression of your fermentation process. The triple scale hydrometer found in this kit can also measure the alcohol content of the finished product.
  4. Curved Racking Cane – The cane’s purpose is to take away any sediment during the siphoning process by acting as a filter system of sorts from the beer to the hose. You want to get a curved racking cane so you don’t have to worry about crimping hoses.
  5. Double Lever Capper – A Capper crimps standard caps into beer bottles and assists with the finishing touches of the bottling process.

The other items included in the kit are: the handbook, vinyl hose, SDH cleaner, a beer bottle brush, and your choice of Brewer’s Best ingredient Kit.
Once you understand the purpose of the basic products necessary for home beer brewing you’ll be on your way to be a beer-brewing master!