What Set up?

Hi. My name is Bryan and my 1st vintage was 2005. I have a source for Zinfandel in the Paso Robles area of the California Central Coast. I help the vineyard owner hand harvest his 2 acres and he lets me take a few hundred pounds. My operation is located in my garage and guest bathroom. I hand crush, with a rubbermade container and a 2×4. Ferment in a 40 gallon trash container and press by hand with a fruit bag, a milk crate and a barbell weight. Age in 5 gallon carboys with oak staves and bottle one at a time from a 5 gallon bucket with a spigot. Hand cork with floor corker, use a tea kettle to steam capsules, print labels on computer and atttach with glue. It takes me about 6 hours to crush nad another 2 or so to press. Truely handmade wine but it comes out great.
Name: Bryan Bell
State: California