The Perfect Faucet For A Fermenter

Faucet For Plastic FermenterGreat news! We have just made a significant improvement to all of our plastic fermenters including the 6 Gallon Screw-Top Fermenter and all of the Tuff-Tanks….  Now they all come with our newly designed Barbed Fermenter Faucet.
This faucet was designed specifically for the home winemaker. We put all our thoughts, experiences, as well as customer ideas together to answer the question, what would be the perfect faucet for the home winemaker? And, this is the answer we came up with.
Removable For Easy Cleaning
First an foremost, this faucet can be easily removed from the plastic fermenter for cleaning and sanitizing. Just remove the plastic nut and rubber washer from the backside, and it comes right out, making it convenient to clean.
Narrow Spout For Bottling
Its spout is narrow so it will easily fit into wine bottle openings. This makes it handy at bottling time for filling your wine bottles straight from the plastic fermenter.
Spout Is Barbed For Attaching Hose
The spout is barbed so you can attach our Vinyl Hose to it without worrying about it slipping off and making a mess. This makes transferring your wine from one plastic fermenter to the next easy and painless.
Spout Is Stationary And Does Not Turn
Here’s a feature that really sets it apart. The Barbed Fermenter Faucet has a shut off lever like many other faucets on the market. One ways on. One ways off. But unlike any other fermenter faucet, the barbed spout does not turn with the shut-off lever. It stays stationary.
Some of you may be saying, why is this so important, others who’ve already done some wine brewing already know. When transferring your wine from one plastic fermenter to another, the last thing you want is a hose flipping around every time you turn the lever on or off. It’s annoying. It’s distracting. And it has potential for making a mess.
Easy To Install On Any Plastic Fermenter
The Barbed Fermenter Faucet can be installed on any fermenter. All you need is a 1 inch hole cut were you want the faucet to be, place the faucet in the hole, and then attach it by placing the nut and rubber washer on the backside.
Ed Kraus is a 3rd generation home brewer/winemaker and has been an owner of E. C. Kraus since 1999. He has been helping individuals make better wine and beer for over 25 years.