Top Five Facts You May Not Know About Beer Brewing

Old wooden case of beer bottles
  1. Beer brewing dates back to 6,000 BC. The oldest beer brewing recipe was found on a Sumerian tablet. It contains a prayer to Ninkasi, who is the goddess of brewing. In fact, this is the world’s oldest known recipe! For those curious about what the first beer may taste like, Anchor Brewing Company produced a limited time replica based off the original recipe. (We wonder what their beer brewing kits looked like!)
  2. The Mayflower landed at Plymouth Rock because it ran low on beer. The Mayflower was originally destined for the Hudson River, but ran low on certain resources, including beer.
  3. Home beer brewing was made legal in the United States on February 1, 1979.  This ruling was made possible by California senator, Alan Cranston. Homebrewing kits are now perfectly legal, and found in many homes across the country. Hats off to Mr. Cranston!
  4. There are approximately 750,000 home brewers in the United States. This number is growing rapidly each year!
  5. Beer is the second most popular beverage in the world, coming in right behind tea!