New way to ferment

My favorite wines to make are fruit wines. these include blueberry, blackberry, blackraspberry, strawberry, sour cherry, apple, dandelion, & mead. What makes mine setup unique is the fermenter. It is made from a old commercial stripped refridgerator, a 75 watt bulb and a thermostat. With the door closed it will keep the wine fermenting at a constant temperature. I have mine set so the fermentation is between 70 & 74 degrees. It uses very little electricity and I don’t have to worry about room temperature.
Name: Chuck Lewis
State: Ohio

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  1. There are thermostats that are used to control electric space heaters, you just plug the light in and set the temp.

  2. I do something a little different with some of my wine I use a fish tank heater.. keeps a steady temp of about 72-74 also I have a table iset my femerters on i use a goose nsck lamp and a hanging lamp works well

  3. I also have made use of a refrigerator. I purchased an older used one
    that still works and I use it to cold stabilize two five gallon carboys prior
    to bottling. I keep the temperature a few degrees above freezing for a few months. By doing this the sediment falls to the bottom of the
    carboys as a crust which makes it easier to siphon off when bottling.

  4. I purchased an used refrigerator that I use to cold stabilize my wine before bottling. I put two five gallon carboys in it and set the temperature to near freezing for about three months. This causes the
    sediment to settle to the bottom of the carboy as a crust which allows me to easily siphon the cleared wine .

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