My Wine Making Start

I was introduced to wine-making while we were RV’ing in Nova Scotia. We were fortunate enough to meet a gentleman by the name of Doug Copp. He and I learned that we had many things of life in common and had a fantastic visit. At the end of the evening we learned that he made his own wine, offered my wife and myself a couple glasses and they were terrific. Thereafter, he gifted us with a few different varieties of his home-made wine. So good that I endeavored to begin making wine myself. Upon arrival home I immediately ventured into this new task and I have been making several different wines ever since. At each party, at every dinner, and on a continual basis I take orders from friends and family and now for specialty blends. Fortunately or unfortunately for me I have not had the misfortune to have a “bad” batch of wine. Naturally some batches are better than others, but this is a lasting hobby that has developed.
Name: Bill Wynn
State: Fl