Mr. Old Fashion

I make my wine the old fashion way, by the grapes localy then crush, and press. Let the juice to ferment in the open barrel. When the fermentation is finished I will transfer the juice to the fifty gallon Barrel and close for about two month.
And I love my wine. This is my story, Excuse my poor english.
Name: Giuseppe D’Angelo
State: NY

0 thoughts on “Mr. Old Fashion

  1. Giuseppe; how you describe making your wine is exactly how my Papa (whose name is also Giuseppe) made wine,a technique that was used in the old country as well. I still remember the 45 gallon plasic fermenters and then the oak barrells in the basement for aging. There were no additives or chemicals added to the grape juice and every year we had relatively good wine. Papa is going to be 88 this year and although he no longer makes wine, he does enjoy a glass during his meal.
    Ciao. Dominic