Mr. Johnnie R Reeder

I have 7 riesling vines that are 6 years old and another 32 that are 4 years old. From this I was only able to produce 3 gallons of juice and wine. I have placed 3rd place each of the last 3 years in the Puyallup, WA fair competition in dry whites. I know I am bias, but I do have reasonable taste buds and I know what a good riesling is supposed to taste like. Thus, I think my wine is very good and my son who is a card carrying wine expert and educator says I am doing very well and my wine is really good. It is fun to do and if the deer let my vines and grapes mature I expect to make at least 5 gallons next year. I am trying my hand at reds this year as well and right now I have 6 gallons 60/40 percent Cab and Merlot aging in some oak that I have my fingers crossed about. The chemistry of wine making intrigues me and I do my best with my limited set up but I’ll keep plugging away as I think I have the riesling down pat and the red awaits my trial and error on the first batch. Come Nov. I will know how that will turn out. I enjoy all phases of wine making and besides it beats just mowing grass and doing the garden. Moreover, my taste buds are getting an education as well.
Name: Johnnie Reeder
State: Fox Island, Washington