Making Beer and Exploring Ingredients

Beer, Barley, HopsBeer is that one magic drink that none of us can stay without. Moreover, why would anyone even think of staying away from it? It is one of the lightest yet most soothing drinks available on the market.
Beer has been ruling parties all over the world since time immemorial. Its light fizz can make anyone its fan. What is the secret formula of beer that makes it so special? Let’s take a look.
As we all know, beer is a fermented amalgamation of hops, yeast, barley, and water. The main ingredient used in beer is water. The water used in it is first purified for a good blend. Then comes the beer yeast. It is used the littlest, but without this, beer would have never been created. Yeast is responsible for creating the froth of beer. When yeast is added to the barley and water mixture, it breaks down the sugars present in the liquid and gives out alcohol and carbon dioxide.
Fresh hops are very important for adding flavor to the beer. Beer hops are flowers that are grown in vine yards. They balance the sweetness in beer and they act as preservatives too. These bitter flowers are added in different proportions to create different beer flavors. They are the main reason why your beer is bitter.
Apart from the above mentioned ingredients, beer needs proper care during fermentation. Ideal temperature and hygienic surroundings are required for brewing the finest quality beer.
Though tastes and preferences may vary from person to person, this is how beer is made in almost all parts of the world.


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