The 3 Different Levels Of Brewing Beer At Home

Homebrew Ingredient kitThe 3 different methods of making home brewed beer are: malt extract kit brewing, ingredient kit brewing and all-grain brewing. You can employ any one of them to make exceptional, quality beer at home. The main features of each one are outlined below:
Malt Extract Kit Brewing: In this method, you can buy malt extract and that already has the hop oils in the syrup, itself. The malt is pre-blended to produce a particular style of beer. Brewing with a malt extract kit has its own distinct advantages:

  • It’s very easy to do. The steps required are few and leave little room for you to make an error.
  • Saves time: The amount of time involved to make these beers is minimal.
  • Low investment when it comes to purchasing equipment.

Ingredient Kit Brewing: You can use these partial-mash, beer ingredient kits that are readily available on the market. These are especially designed for people who want to make a tasty beer with only a moderate effort. The kits contain malt extract syrup, specialty grains, hops and a packet of beer yeast. The benefits of using a beer ingredient kit are:

  • The need for special equipment is minimal.
  • It is a quicker and easier method of making beer than all-grain brewing.
  • These kits have the specific ingredients needed to produce a particular style of beer — pre-measured and ready to go.

All-grain brewing: In this method you need to extract the sugars from brewing grains instead of purchasing the malt extract. This is called a full-mash. This type of brewing is ideal for people who are on a quest to make the ultimate beer. The beer is made completely from-scratch, so to speak. But you need some time and patience. All-grain brewing also requires more brewing equipment than the other two methods. You can find more information on this type of brewingn at our blog post: “The Basics Of All-Grain Brewing“. Home brewers like this type of brewing because:

  • It is a personally satisfying and challenging way to brew beer.
  • Quality of the brew is exceptional and fresh.

There you have it, the 3 different levels of home brewing beer. Without question you do not want to start out brewing an all-grain beer, but by all means take the adventure and dive in with a kit brew of some kind.