10 Home Brewing Gift Ideas For The Holidays!

Santa Bringing Home Brewing Gift IdeasIt’s that time of year to start thinking about home brewing gift ideas for your favorite homebrewer. With so much equipment and ingredients to choose from, where do you start?
The best way to figure out what to get a homebrewer is to simply ask them. Chances are, they already know exactly what they need to expand their home brewery. Maybe it’s time for a bigger brew kettle. Maybe what they really want is a keg. If you want to make sure they get what they really want, just ask discreetly – or not so discreetly!

If you’re still having trouble coming up with some home brewing gift ideas, here’s a home brewing gift guide. Consider one of these ten options!

  1. Homebrewing Equipment KitHome Brewing Kit 140 – Maybe your special someone has been talking about homebrewing, but hasn’t quite made the jump. Help them get started with a 1 Gallon or 5 Gallon Brew, Share, Enjoy Kit! Many of our homebrew starter kits come with a beer recipe kit, so they will have everything they need to make beer!
  1. Homebrew Recipe KitBeer Recipe Kit 140 If your homebrewer already has all the gear, help them get a new batch going with a recipe kit. We have dozens of kits to choose from, from stouts, to IPAs, to wheat beers, and more. (Maybe you can get them to brew your favorite style this time!)
  1. Brewing Classic StylesDesigning Great Beers 140 – For the brewer that wants to explore brewing different styles of beer!  There are over 80 winning recipes that anyone can brew.
  1. Adventures in Homebrewing Gift CardIf you still short on home brewing gift ideas, let them choose for themselves.  A gift card is one of the best gifts a home brewer can get, since there are many bits and bobs needed to brew great beer. A gift card guarantees that they’ll get something they want – and they’re easy to wrap, too!
  1. New Carboy/FermenterFermenter 140 – Once they get started, many brewers want to make as much beer as they can. One of the ways to do that is with additional fermentation space. A new homebrew fermenter will help them make more beer more often!
  1. Temperature ControllerTemperature Controller 140 – Speaking of fermentation, temperature control is one of the key elements of a successful fermentation. This temperature controller from Johnson Controls will help regulate the temperature of a dedicated fermentation fridge. Its “plug and play” design is easy to install.
  1. RefractometerRefractometer 140 – A refractometer measures the specific gravity of unfermented beer, making it easy to calculate the potential alcohol content of the beer. It’s a nice upgrade over a hydrometer because it requires only a few drops to take a reading – that means more beer for drinking!
  1. Keg & Carboy WasherMarks Keg Washer 140 – One of the more tedious tasks involved with homebrewing is clean-up. Help your homebrewer save some time and energy with a keg and carboy washer! It’s one of the better time-saving home brewing gift ideas.
  1. Stir PlateStir Plate 140 – A stir plate is one of those upgrade that can make a significant improvement in beer quality. It stirs the yeast prior to pitching, making sure the yeast is healthy and ready to go. It’s great for making yeast starters.
  1. A New Brew KettleBrew Kettle 140 – If your homebrewer has been brewing on the same equipment for a while, chances are they’ve thought about upgrading to a larger system. Brew kettles can be a big investment, so maybe you can help them out on their journey to bigger and better beer.

Are you a homebrewer? What do you really want this holiday season? Make life easier for others and pass along some home brewing gift ideas… at least give a hint!