Some Interesting Facts About The Corney Keg…

Corney KegKegging homebrew is a fun and simple way to prepare your homebrew for consumption. It’s quicker than bottling your beer and by far easier. Corney kegs, also known as soda kegs or Cornelius kegs, are used to dispense and store homebrew beer and homemade sodas. Some interesting facts about Cornelius kegs are enlisted below.

  • A Corney keg is made of stainless steel and can hold up to 130 psi of pressure. They are easy to clean because of the large opening in the top of them. It’s large enough to easily fit your hand inside.
  • Ball-lock kegs were first used by Pepsi so they are also called as Pepsi-style corney kegs, and pin-lock kegs were first used by Coca-Cola so they are likewise called Coke-style kegs.
  • Although people use both types of kegs for their homebrew, the ball-lock system is more commonly used than the pin-lock system.
  • A safety relief valve in the corney keg guards the keg in case of excessive pressurization. A ‘tab relief’ valve or a ‘static relief’ valve is present in Coke-style kegs.  A manual relief valve is used in Pepsi-style keg which requires manual actuation.
  • A kegerator is used to chill the kegs and despense the beer. The Cornelius kegs can hold the same homebrewed beer for months without comprimising its quality. Also, many kegorators can hold several kegs at a time. This mean you can have several homebrews to choose from without haveing to worry about spoilage or stale beer.

Cornelius kegs are quite versatile. You can even use them for fermentation. It is a much neglected application and has several added advantages. Most people use a plastic bucket in their home brewery for fermentation. Unless being mindfully careful, this can leads to scratches in the plastic that ultimately become a breading-ground for bacteria. In contrast, cleaning kegs is pretty easy. The fact that they are stainless-steel means that the surfaces are smooth. Combine that with the large opening and you can see how keeping them sanitized is an effortless task.


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