Casa Mia Wine

I’ve been making wine for almost 10 years now, I was taught by my friends father Chuck who has been making wine forever. Each year we compare wines and argue which is the best and which year gave us the best wines and blends, Most years weather permitting I crush the grapes and do the first fermentation in my garage then its to the basement for about 12 weeks before bottling. Our claim to fame is we tell everyone we make wine the same way the Greeks and Romans did, crush the grapes ferment the juice then drink the wine !! I’ve taken it to the next level by labeling and waxing the tops The Labels are my daughters, who is a graphic artist, design. The label uses my home shadowed behind ” Casa Mia” , My House, and has all the information about the wine,ie Year, type PH, Alcohol content. I can go on and on for hours… But I assure you my wine is the best you’ll ever taste..
P.S. The second photo is a tool I made called the devils tongue It’s an oak stick that I use to stir the must during the first fermentation. It gets it’s obvious name from the shape and the color of the used end.
Name: Tom Fisichella
State: NJ