An Overview Of Barley Malt Syrup Uses And Storage

Barley grains are processed through a number of heat drying and cooking steps to produce barley malt syrup. This syrup has a distinct, smooth, dark brunette hue with a silky and often sticky texture. The malting  Homebrew Draft Systemprocess produces composite edible sugars like glucose and maltose, and due to this the malt syrup is often used as an alternative sweetener in food.
Malt syrup is used widely in the food and beverage industry. It is an important ingredient in snacks like bagels, sauces, pretzels, and bakery products and accessories like frosting sugar. It is a natural sweetener and is extensively used to reduce yeast and make bread extra delicious.  The pet food industry too uses malt syrup to develop dietary elements for pets.
However the most popular application of the syrup is seen in the beer manufacturing industry where malt sweetener imparts the characteristic malty aroma to beer along with a fine grainy texture and rich, warm color. Malted beer is extremely popular, and huge volumes of beer malt are used for this purpose daily. Besides, malt syrup contains high percentage of proteins, which is another reason to rejoice for malted beer lovers.
Since barley is allowed to germinate through restricted sprouting, the grains develop a balance of nutrients. Barley grains are well protected by a hard husk which shields it from rough weather conditions, like extremes of cold, heat, and drought. A can of barley malt syrup too stays unsullied and usable for a long time when packed in a right, air-lock container. However, any malt syrup that develops flakes or snowy mold on its surface should be considered polluted.
Ideally, canned barley malt syrup remains fresh for around a couple of years. Plastic storage reduces its shelf life. Malt syrup needs to be protected from oxidation, moisture and allergens.

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  1. store bought ovaltine and bournvita have excessive added sugar….i make my own malted milk drinks with this syrup.