You Should Be Making Your Own Wine

Recently, many studies have indicated wine drinkers experience health benefits such as, lower mortality rate, reduced risk of heart attack, reduced risk of chronic disease such as Type 2 Diabetes, and slower brain decline. But, did you know making wine has benefits as well? Let’s explore some ways that making wine is beneficial to your overall wellbeing:
Making wine takes both practice and time. However, all wine makers feel pride when they are able to uncork the fruits of their labor and enjoy it with family and friends. Winemaking as a hobby opens doors to a plethora of new challenges and accomplishments that come with trying new varietals, experimenting with ingredients, and the general perfection of your craft.
If you are a first time wine maker, we recommend starting with a wine kit that helps guide you through the process. After a few batches, you will be well on your way to creating unique bottles of wine available only in your kitchen.

Have you ever wondered what quality of fruit goes into the wine you are drinking? Or does the vineyard use pesticides on their grapes? What type of preservatives do they use?
Making your own wine, gives you full transparency into the ingredients that go into your wine. You can rest easy knowing your wine was prepared with the highest quality of fruits and additives.

Making your own wine is more cost-effective than buying a bottle of wine each time you go to the store. On average each batch of wine is enough to fill about 30 bottles of wine. Additionally, equipment is paid for upfront and you won’t need to replace equipment often.
To save additional dollars, wine made out of fruits found in your grocery store or juices are a great, budget friendly alternative to wine made from fresh grapes. We also recommend saving those bottles to reuse for your next batch.
Ready to make your own wine? We have a have everything you need! And if you are looking for more information, be sure to check out our step-by-step guide.