Wine of the Month, Peach Wine

Peach wine is a juicy, sweet selection is perfect for sipping during the summer months. Even better, since the peaches are at their peak this time of year, right now is a great time to make this wine. Read on to find out the many health benefits of peach wine, along with our exclusive recipe and wine pairing tips.

Why should I make peach wine?

Rich in vitamin A, potassium, vitamin c, thiamine, niacin, calcium, and a large amount of antioxidants, peach wine will surely do the body some good. This delicious drink can help cleanse your kidney, strengthen your immune system, and lower chances of obesity. In addition, peach wine has been known to decrease the risk of cataract and macular degeneration diseases, lower cholesterol, and repair cells and tissues.
How often do you hear about wine being associated with weight loss and energy? Interestingly enough, the abundant water content in peach wine helps hydrate the body, which in turn cuts down on fat. It also aids in the treatment of chronic fatigue disorders. Can we get an Rx for peach wine please?
13bs of Peaches
10 lbs. of Sugar
1 tbsp. of Yeast Energizer
1 tsp. of Pectic Enzyme
2 ½ tbsp. of Acid Blend
1 tsp. Wine Tannin
Yeast EC-1118
When you’re looking for your peaches, opt for ripened peaches (less ripe peaches contain too much pectin!). While you’re making your recipe, make sure you wash the peaches thoroughly and remove the stems and leaves. Cut out any bruises to help avoid the growth of bacteria, and don’t forget to store it away from sunlight. It is recommended that you age peach wine for about six months.

Where and how can I find peaches?

If you’re heading to your local grocery store or market to stock up on peaches, now is the perfect time. There will be an abundance of ripe, juicy peaches in the produce section from the end of June to early September. Remember to stock up, because you’ll need 13 pounds!
If you’d rather go the natural route and pick them from a tree yourself, you’ll find the best peach trees in the central and southern portions of the United States. Peach trees grow especially well in USDA zones 6 and 7, but have the ability to grow in zones 5-8. If you’re anywhere near South Carolina and Georgia, take advantage.

What foods does peach wine pair best with?

Due to the fact that peach wine is closer to a dessert wine than a dry wine, it pairs very well with spicy and smoked dishes. Start off with some smoked cheeses, then for your main dish, opt for chicken or beef topped with green chile sauce or spicy salsa. Stir-fries and crab cakes also complement the sweet flavor of peach wine quite well.
No matter what you choose to bite in between sips of peach wine, this light-bodied, crisp beverage is the perfect addition to any meal.
Are you a first time wine maker? We have great starter kits, perfect for making your first batch of peach wine. Find our starter kits along with other helpful tips for wine making here.