Wine Making 101

Well, We have 5 Vines, 2 Muscadine and 3 Scuppernong, 5 Pear Trees. This was my first year of wine making. Check out my page on Facebook … It keeps Family and Friends up to date on my wine making… its new.
What makes you/your setup unique?
When my Son Joined the USMC, I turned his Bedroom into the Wine making room. When he comes home, he wants to sleep in there so he can smell the wine… I make him sleep in the guest room.
We have built our own Press, wine room and bottling area. We just finish building a 180 bottle wine rack.
I make wine from both Fresh/ Frozen fruit (Muscadine and Scuppernong) mainly. Also make Box Kit wine … Strawberry White Zinfandel and Peach Chardonnay, are the top two we do… I pick it, crush it, and press my own fruit… we try to keep at least 10 Gals going at a minimum (primary) 10 -15 Racked and/or Aging. I freeze my grapes if it looks like they will go to waste, then I start wine in the middle of the winter so I can have a batch ready mid-summer for bottling…
Thanks to all the winemaking Blog sites I have learned I will let my wine age longer from now on.
I won the 2011 FALL OFF THE PORCH award.. Well my wife gave it to me…
Family and friends Love to have a glass when they stop by…
Name: David Raleigh
State: Alabama

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  1. customer stories are great! Looking for ideas for DIY storage racks & wine press’s self made. Handy retired person looking for projects…

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