Watermelon Wine Help!

I’m making watermelon wine and would like to give it strong melon flavor. I have been racking my brain thinking how to do this since you can’t boil it down, because it said to kill the flavor. So after giving it a lot of thought, this is what i was thinking, can I add a finshed bottle, of the same type of wine i’m making would this help or hurt . 2nd idea is to dehydrate the watermelon and make watermelon power. Then take the powder and add it in the place of, or with the sugar. and use fresh melon juice has the recipe calls for. keep in mine im trying to make a powerful melon taste but dry not to sweet. Thank you for your time to help a noobie like me .
Name: Jason
State: nc

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  1. You are right… When you slice open a watermelon you can smell and taste it. the color… Yep… Let’s bottle it… Not so easy… Key word here…. WATERmelon…. You can add a bottle or two it will help a little.. My fix… Buy a small 4 oz bottle of Watermelon flavoring Cost about $4.00. Add to Taste…. I add a small amount then let it bulk age for a week then taste again .. You can always add alittle bit more at bottling.. get it at Wine and Beer making Stores… Hope this helps… Enjoy

  2. Well , i went with the dehydrated watermelon ! I’m very happy with the results . I took 2/3 of a large red ripe melon cut them in thin slices and dehydrated. When it"s completely dry , put it in food processor and chop it until it like taffy. roll it into ball and put in freezer till it gets hard . Took two red ripe melons and juiced them up . Then the recipe tells you to put the pulp in 5 qts. water This is what i did instead , I only used 1 1/2 qts of fresh juice and the dehydrated melon ball . and ,heated it to the start of boiling point , then let sit till temp is the same has the juice then mix it in! I waited 36 hours then added yeast . It’s been about 5 days and fermentation is going very well, it is smelling very good still .the alcohol smell is strong but clean if that makes sence . I will let you know how it taste in 3-4 weeks and at 7-8 weeks . but by the way thing are going its going to turn out well.

  3. THANKS…I tried the watermelon wine last year and was very disapointed…I want this wine so I am trying again next year (I raise my own fruit). I am execited and will have fun, and hopefully some GOOD wine! Thanks again!