The Birth Of A Great Hobby

Christmas is also my birthday, so for the holidays and my birthday, in year 2000 I received a gift of some cash. I exchanged it for a wine start up kit, and a great hobby was born. My first wines were usually drinkable, but I had lots of questions and no one to share them with, so in 2003 I put up some posters around my town, Sun Prairie, WI. inviting interested parties to join a home wine making club. That first meeting there were 2 people and myself. Now out club, Prairie Home Vintners, has over 80 members. We meet monthly, have an annual club competition, have picnics in the summer and do a winery tour in the fall. I had no idea our club would grow to the size it is now. Meeting people with a similar passion has been the most rewarding.
Name: Rod Kazmerzak
State: Wisconsin