The Advantages Of Bottling Beer

Bottle HomebrewWhen it comes to storing your homemade beer, you’re going to need more than just a couple of pitchers. You’ll need to decide whether you’ll be bottling beer, or kegging beer, and both come with their own advantages.
One of the biggest advantages home brewers find with bottling their own beer is that initially, the cost of storage can be much cheaper. Rather than having to invest in a stainless-steel keg (or several, if you want to make different kinds of beer) beer bottles can be picked up more cheaply than kegs; and you can reuse them, saving you on cost, too.
Once you start brewing your own beer, you’ll also most likely want to give everyone a taste, and provide samples to all your friends and family. When the homebrew is sitting at home in a keg, you need to wait to have them over to do it. But when it’s bottled, you can take your own six pack with you the next time you go over, and even give it away as a gift.
Even home brewers that choose to keg their own beer sometimes still turn to bottling for certain types of beer. In cases such as Russian imperial stouts, or other beers that need to be stored for a long period of time before being consumed, brewers don’t always want to have a whole keg “on hold” that entire time. By placing this long-standing beer in bottles, it can be stored easily; while the beer that’s ready for consumption can be placed in the keg, and drank easily!
Definitely, both bottling and kegging your own beer come with their own advantages. But when you want to give your brew away, take it with you camping, or are just looking for the most affordable way to do it, bottling might be the best choice for you. Here’s a great blog post you might want to tak a look at on bottling your own homebrew, How To Bottle Your Beer.


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