Ten Facts You May Not Know About Winemaking

The history of wine production dates back to 6,500 years ago, where archeological evidence has been cited in various sites in Europe. Since the first days of wine production, wine has continued to play an integral role in the history of culture, civilization, cuisine, and agriculture. The United States alone has nearly 3,000 vineyards, clearly depicting the continual high demand for this product. As wine continues to be an integral aspect of culture, personal winemaking is also becoming a popular pastime and hobby.  Wine making kits and supplies make creating personal wines  a simple process and an enjoyable hobby that can be shared with friends and family. Wine making also presents a myriad of options that might not necessarily be available with store bought wines, and allows you to customize the drink to your liking. Creating homemade wines allows for adjustments in sweetness, heaviness, and alcohol content. Additionally, there are endless recipes and opportunities for new types of homemade wine, allowing for varying wine making experiences and flavors. To get started, make sure to check out our Adventures in Homebrewing recipe guide and Wine Making FAQ.
We decided to share with you the ten top facts about making wine at home that you may not have known.
1. One in every five bottles of wine are personally made at home with wine making equipment.
2. Homemade wine is approximately a third of the cost of store bought wine.  Over time, a home wine making kit will pay for itself.
3. You can produce up to 30 bottles of homemade wine in as little as four weeks with the correct wine making supplies.
4. Wine making equipment does not require a large space, and can easily be used in smaller kitchens.
5. Wine making also is not time consuming. The entire process totals a mere 4-5 hours, spread over the period of one month.
6. Many wines are made from grapes, but wine making allows for the option to choose from various fruit types or juice concentrates to create new flavors.
7. You can easily grow your own grapes and fruit to further customize the overall wine making process.
8. Wine making additionally allows you to customize wine to your liking, and choose from a variety of preferences such as sweet vs. sour, light or heavy, and alcohol content.
9. Wine making kits are easy to acquire and Adventures in Homebrewing offers a variety of wine making supplies at varying price points to suit your wine making needs.
10. Each wine making kit comes with a how-to guide which guides you simply through the wine making process.
For more information on wine making and how to get started with the process, be sure to check out our informative resources and wine making guides on Homebrewing.org.