Spring Beer Guide: 5 Beers You Won’t Want to Miss

Spring is in the air! For many of us that means our favorite frosty brews are finally available. Here are some we suggest not skipping this spring; grab yours while it’s cold and still available. Even better, use these beers as inspiration for your next batch of home brewed beer.

Port Brewing Company: Hot Rocks Lager

This lager is a deep ruby brown with an aroma of dark caramel, chocolate, and toffee. In the early days of home brewing hot rocks were used because of their ability to conduct heat and boil water. Hot Rocks Lager’s smoky caramel flavor is said to remain present because of this old fashioned way of brewing. Get yours today – out in early spring!

Gordon Biersch: Maibock

Translated from German Maibock means the rock beer of May. This brew is available seasonally from February through April only. The caramelized Munich malt combines with the perfect level of bitterness to create the perfect flavor. With a 7.3% alcohol volume (standard for many craft beers) so when enjoyed in moderation the effects might just creep up on you. Gordon Biersch’s Maibock is brewed with a Weihenstephan 34/70 yeast strain similar to our Fermentis Beer Yeast, Salfager W-34/70.

Rogue: Morimoto Soba Ale

Morimoto Soba Ale is a specialty beer that Rogue started brewing in 2003 and with internationally known Chef Masaharu Morimoto – a James Beard awarded chef. Soba, known as buckwheat, is a member of the rhubarb family giving this Ale its fruity flavor. Morimoto Soba ale is made with no chemicals, additives or preservatives and only 8 ingredients.

Dogfish Head: Aprihop

Aprihop, an American IPA, is a seasonal fruity beer for “hopheads”. Brewed with Pilsner and Crystal malts gives this beer its especially hoppy taste. Along with its hoppy taste is a nice addition of apricots to finish it off with a fruity flavor. This is one of Dogfish’s most popular seasonal beers and is only available from March through May.

Heavy Seas Beer: Loose Cannon

While not a true seasonal beer, this IPA is said to win people over upon first smell. Its fragrant smells of grapefruit, herbs, and pine make this beer especially perfect for spring. Similar to Dogfish’s, Airhop, Loose Cannon is also a hoppy beer. Loose Cannon is hopped in three ways: kettle, hop back, and dry hopped.
We’re hoping this was enough inspiration to pull out your dusty home brew kit and start brewing your own spring or summer beer. We suggest starting with something easy like a pilsner. Try making your own home brewed Pilsner with our beginners Brewers Best Beer Recipe kit.