Selecting Wine Corks

various sized wine bottle corksWhen selecting corks for your homemade wine remember that appearance is not everything.  In today’s market there are a lot of pretty corks, but pretty does not make the cork good.
If there is one wine making tip I can give it is to look closely at what you are purchasing.  You have to consider that your cork is the final piece of your wine preservation system and great care should be taken to see that wine is sealed up properly for bottle aging.
When you buy corks, you should ask yourself if they are real, solid corks or not. This is because a lot of corks that are currently on the home wine making market are nothing more than ground-up bits of cork that have been glued together and reformed into the shape of a cork.  These corks are cheaper because they are made from poor-quality scrap cork that would have never been able to be used to make a wine cork otherwise.
Other than synthetic corks, all the corks we offer are real, solid corks. All of them have been cut directly from cork tree bark and will seal your wine bottles for ultimate bottling aging. Real cork does make a difference.