Our Favorite DIY Wine Rack Tutorials From Around the Web

What better way to display your last batch of homemade wine than a wine rack? We scoured the web and found our favorite DIY versions from fellow wine lovers. We hope to share some DIY inspiration for showing of the fruits of your labor:

1. Dresser to Bar

The Charming Farmer’s DIY tutorial for transforming an old dresser into a bar is an amazing way to make something old new again!
DIY Wine Tutorial

2. $10 Wine Rack

For those wine makers who are on a budget, this wine rack from Shanty2Chic is a great addition to any dinning room or kitchen.
Wine Rack

3. Tin Can Wine Rack

Have some extra cans lying around the house? iCreativeideas has the perfect solution.
Tine Can Wine Rack

4. Wood Crate Wine Rack

This simple wine rack from My Anything And Everything only requires a few supplies.
Wood Crate Wine Rack

5. Pallet Wine Rack

Pallets can be used to make just about anything. We think this pallet wine rack by DIY projects Ideas 2 Live 4 makes the perfect wine rack.
Pallet Wine Rack

Of course, once you build you new wine rack you will need wine to fill it. What better way to add new bottles to your collection, then making your own. If you haven’t made wine at home before, we recommend starting with an all-inclusive kit. For more winemaking supplies, recipe tips, and a deeper look into the winemaking process, check out our winemaking steps and get started.