My Fermenting Closet

I started 16 years ago with 1 fermenter in a bathtub, making a couple batches of beer a year. In 2009, our family went to Austria, to meet my cousins for the first time, who own a commercial winery there. Once meeting them, they convinced me to carry on the family business here in the states, so I got serious about my habit, and it became more of an obsession. I have since turned my closet into a temperature-controlled fermenting space, and have maxed out my fermenting capacity & always have multiple kits in the waiting (at least until I take over a larger part of the house). My first wine in 2009 was a mead, & in the 2010 Indy International it won a trophy for Honey Blend of the Year, I then moved onto kit wines, & fresh grape wines, & in the 2011 Indy International, I won 5 silver medals, 1 gold medal, 1 Double Gold medal, and a trophy for Indiana Ameteur Winemaker Of The Year for my Chambourcin from fresh grapes! I guess it’s in my blood!
Name: Allen Brown
State: Indiana

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  1. Nice setup, Allen! Do you sell your wine? I live in Indiana and am always up for trying new wines!