Home Wine Making: Beginning your Next Passion

It was not always like this – staring out the window at the orchard as your memories of the creaking steps fade away into the quiet of the house. With the kids grown up and moved on, you need not focus on a quiet home, reflecting on memories of noises and activity long since past. It’s time to get neck-deep into the creation of new memories, and there’s little better place to begin than just in sight of the house, amongst the grapevines. What may have lain dormant for some years can now be a new source of creative passion.
With the grapes available, as well as more space in the house than in the past, there’s plenty of incentive to get into a new pastime – making your own wine! Plus, there will be less distractions to your concentration on flavors, as the kids won’t be there to demand emergency band-aid applications for their latest playtime wounds.
With your full attention devoted to creating wine with subtle nuances and exquisite natural flavors, it won’t be long before you’re churning out libations that will be the talk of the neighborhood. It’s fine and good to think that you can single-handedly manage to knock Sonoma county off the winemaking map – competition really does make things better for all concerned – but you’ll need help. Becoming an experienced winemaker involves a lot of time and effort. Making mistakes is an inevitable byproduct of the process. To speed your efforts towards making quaffable wines, you’ll do best to learn from some folks who have managed to notch some experience onto their belts. You could go it alone, but by the time you’ve made enough mistakes and learned enough to manage to create some delicious varietals, you might not have time to age them properly and enjoy them!
Skilled assistance is available from practiced winemakers at Adventures in Homebrewing, who know the ins and outs of every step of the process. It’s always nice to have the knowledgeable eye of a master next to you as you delve into any new undertaking. This helps to prevent your learning incorrect things at the outset, thus avoiding mistakes that could set you back more than one season.
And who has time to learn the fine art of winemaking by their lonesome? Adventures in Homebrewing has over 40 years of winemaking experience to assist you as you learn how to make wine, how to grow grapes, and everything else you need to know to improve the vino that you pour at your table! Not convinced that you can create a wine that’s as good as that offered on the shelves of your local wine shop? You might surprise yourself. Try this on for size: every new brand label that’s for sale at the store began with someone, much as yourself, who was convinced that their grapes were ready for public consumption. What pours forth from that realization is merely testament to your dedication and effort.