How to Clean Your Keg Tap

Keg TapIf you’re going to be kegging homebrew, you might think that the most difficult part is going to be installing the keg tap. Truthfully though, once you’ve done it once installing the tap is pretty easy. Cleaning it on the other hand, is something that you’ll need to master throughout the entire time you’re making homemade beer.
Start cleaning your tap by first finding the appropriate tap cleaner for it. The instructions will also be on this cleaner, but you’ll most likely have to combine it with water and then make sure it’s fully blended.
Then remove the knob from the tap’s faucet. This, along with the rest of the faucet and the beer hose, will then need to be placed inside a large bucket. Using a cleaning attachment, connect it to the faucet of the tap. Place the bucket underneath the main portion of the keg, placing the hose inside the bucket so that it will be able to steam everything inside.
Start pumping the cleaning solution into the bucket, but be sure to allow the cleaning detergent to sit inside the hose for some period of time before you add it to the bucket. This will help break down any bacteria that’s inside, and the instructions you receive with the cleaner will tell you how long the hose needs to soak with it inside. After that soaking time, the solution can then be poured into the bucket, where it will clean everything inside.
After everything has been thoroughly cleaned, you then just have to make sure no solution or detergent is left on any of the equipment. Otherwise, it will have an adverse effect on the beer you make afterwards. To rinse, fill the bottle used to pump the cleaner and ensure it’s cleaned properly. Fill it with clean, cold water and pump it the same way you did the solution. It will rinse everything off. When that is complete, make sure to also rinse all other pieces and parts used during the cleaning process.
Once you’ve fully cleaned and rinsed all of your kegging equipment, you just have to allow it to dry fully, and then store it for the next time you’re ready to have some friends over!
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