Homemade Grape Crusher

I discovered this grape crusher on line two years ago and fabricated my own version. I can crush 5 gallons of grapes in 2-3 minutes using my drill. Check out the last image which is a video of Steve’s unit.
I left off the de-stemming tray and just set the crusher right on a 6 gallon plastic bucket.
I encourage all with a few simple woodworking skills to study the photos and make their own. Very inexpensive and superior to any manual (i.e. foot crushing) process.
Name: Phillip Deal
State: South Carolina

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  1. Very innovative! With a little imagination and patience you can actually make things work! Cheers!

  2. I’m unable to open this link. Can anybody els e open it?? Gives me an error something about content…

  3. Cannot open this link. Message says "missing data volume". Please fix, it sounds interesting.

  4. Can’t open. Message "missing data volume" What do I do? I’m very interested in this.

  5. I tried to cut and paste this link both with the spaces and with underscores instead of spaces. Neither one worked. Darn, I wanted to see it too. Maybe he’s going to try making and selling it himself.

  6. Wayne, I looked into this. Apparently the website stevehughes.org no longer exists.