Help! My Wine Is Carbonated!

Wine With Carbon DioxideE.C.Kraus,
I have made some wine this year and my question is how to stop carbon dioxide from getting in the wine, And when it is in the wine how to get rid of it ?
Thank you
Dick H.
Dear Dick H.
Carbon dioxide or CO2 gas is a natural byproduct of any fermentation. It’s the sparkle in a champagne. It’s the fizzy in a soda pop.
Once a fermentation has completed it is normal for CO2 to be saturated into the wine, but with the agitation involved in racking the wine, as per any homemade wine instructions, the wine should be mostly rid of the gas when it comes time to bottle.
As an added step you can also agitate the wine with a degassing paddle. It agitates the wine without splashing it or allowing air to get mixed into it. Air getting mixed into the wine at this stage would promote oxidation in the wine.
Another possibility is that the wine is fermenting in the bottles causing carbon dioxide to be created within each bottle. This can happen when the fermentation has not successfully completed before stopping. A gravity hydrometer should always be used to check that the wine has completed its fermentation before moving on to the next step.
Best Wishes,
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