Finger Lakes Hobby

Our family has been making home wine in one way or another for 50 years. Since retiring in 2000, we’ve had the pleasure of growing grapes and making wine on our 10 acre spread here in the Finger Lakes, including a few medals along the way. I was disabled from a stroke on Fathers Day in June of 2000, working in the gardens and making wine has kept me active. I was a web development engineer for Kodak before the stroke. I registered a domain & put up a site, just in case our son ever wanted to move back to this area and make it a commercial venture. Our info is at  At 67, I’m too old for doing anything but home gardening and volunteering at the local Cornell Extension. Right now we have about 100 vines along with plenty of other fruits and vegetables to care for. In the winter I do some programming to pass the time along with tending to the wine in progress and enjoying a few glasses. Every year we give away about 200 bottles of wine to family and friends at Christmas. So many people look forward to getting jelly & wine at Christmas that we’ve had to cut back to 375 ml splits to make it go further. We have one more goal, to get a gold medal from the winemaker magazine international competition. Then we will just enjoy the fruits of our winemaking and gardens as we grow older.
Feel free to take any pictures from our site and info from this local newspaper story.
Name: Bill Aaron
State: New York