Can I Make Wine As Good As The Pros? (Part II)

Homemade Wine Making KitsIn part I of this two part series I went over a little history about homemade wine kits. In this part we’ll finish answering the question about how good these homemade wine kits are.
Today, homemade wine making kits have evolved into a practical and enjoyable way to make stupendous wines at home. Hundreds of thousands of home winemakers use these kits every year. The homemade wine instructions that come with them are very easy to follow, and all the additional ingredients you need are included. It’s really a fun way to learn how to make your own wine.
No Big Secret Here. What really makes these kits so great is the quality of the grapes that are used to create them. This is the key that allows the home winemaker to make wines as good, if not better than many of the commercial wines you find at your local wine merchant. A common phrase among the wine industry is, “No wine can be better than the grapes used to make it.” This mantra applies to home wine making as well.
So, Why Did I Tell You This Story?
I could have just said, “Yes, these are great wine kits, and you should get started right now.” But why would you believe me. I think it’s important to understand that these kits were not brought to market like some overnight fad. These kits have evolved through many years of tests and trials into something just short of phenomenal. Home winemakers have been relying on them for years as their main source for wine.
Bench Testing.
Test runs are done to tweak each lot of juice for perfect balance, stability and character. This is an incredible advantage over commercial wineries that have only one shot to get it right each year. The wine kit producers have taken away all these risk variables that the professional wineries have to deal with every year. Just follow the homemade wine instructions and you will end up with very predictable results.
The World At Your Feet. Typically a winery has at their disposal only grapes from their own vineyard, or at least, a vineyard that’s not far away. It’s the only way to keep their costs in line with the commercial wine market. Wine making kit producers have available to them grapes from all over the world. Because of the price you are willing to pay for these kits as a home winemaker, the wine kit producers are able to purchase the grapes, concentrate them, and have them shipped to their packaging facilities from almost any wine region in the world.
I Know It Was A Long-Wind-ed Answer, but one that needed to be said. I absolutely think that if more people understood the quality that was available to them at a fraction of the price of commercial wines, basement wineries would be popping up on every block in our county.
Happy Wine Making,
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Ed Kraus is a 3rd generation home brewer/winemaker and has been an owner of E. C. Kraus since 1999. He has been helping individuals make better wine and beer for over 25 years.

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  1. I have really enjoyed the last three years of a satisfying hobby. Wine making. I have often wondered about comparing wine from a wine kit and commercial wine. Like beauty, it is to the beholder. I have purchased commercial bottles of wine in the $60, $70, and $100 dollar range to compare and find that how it graces my palate may be different than someone else. Recently I took a course from Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan on Wine History, tasting, origins, and tradition. That being said I thought I could answer my own question. Not so. For example I have a nice batch of Sherry. It was okay and others seemed to think it was okay. I shared a bottle with an "uneducated" wine taster and without ever having taking a course said he thought it may have been the best wine he has ever tasted. He used terms like Warmth, smooth, after taste (finish) and how it tasted on the roof of his mouth (rested on the palate. I was both amused and happy when I heard him compliment the product. That was a kit from E.C. Kraus. I am approaching my 1000th bottle and each has its own character; however I can truly say that to me the Wine Kits have provided an immense amount of satisfaction. Thanks to the Kraus Team.