Bob's Wine

I make red, and rarely white wines and Champagne in a simple way. Once, I noticed that if you use a little late ripened grapes you get a full body, quite sweeter wine, but lower in quantity because as the grapes ripen they loose moisture or water content. However, after storing this wines for a few years they tend to taste like something between sherry and brandy, and if you have oak mellowed them they taste like port+brandy+bread. But, the wines are very, very smooth and you can always taste grapes in them (sort of currant^ish). Once I added a little black peppers to my glass and it felt delicious and warm. It sounds funny, but it is very true.
Now the question is: I feel terrible to make people taste because they always call it in one shot “sweeter” or “light,” while in fact, they are very heavy and could be consumed half to two third of a glass over two cubes of ice and give you a slight alcohol feeling if you drink empty stomach.
Name: Bobby Mistry
State: New Jersey