Augmented Reality Wine Labels

Unless you’re a true oenophile, we can all agree that it’s a difficult decision selecting a bottle of wine for any occasion. When deciphering between brands you’ve never tried, it often comes down to which bottle with the best label.

That’s why some brands started using augmented reality technology on their wine labels. This technology combines art and technology to bring wine labels, and brands, to life. Would you choose an average-looking bottle of wine over one that uses augmented reality to tell you a story?


With augmented reality, each wine label is an individual piece of art that uses smartphone technology to tell the story behind the label. It’s as easy as downloading a free app on your phone, scanning the label on a bottle of wine, and watching a creative, storytelling video that will keep you entertained while drinking your wine.

Marketers have always used a brand’s story to connect with customers and build loyalty. They know that storytelling sets a brand apart from its competition and can add value to its customers. 

Global winemaker, Treasury Wine Estates, understands the power of storytelling and the ability to use technology to tell stories in different ways. That’s why they created the Living Labels app, a free app that allows customers to watch their bottles of wine come to life. After downloading the app, the only thing users have to do is take a picture with their smartphone to watch the label transform into a video-like story.

Consumers can interact with a brand, quickly navigate to a company’s website, and even find coupons and promotional offers. Having augmented reality wine labels at our fingertips enhances the wine-drinking experience while engaging and creating loyal customers.


Imagine that you’re at a party, and your friends are gathered around the wine bottle watching the video. The use of interactive videos makes everyone want to jump in on the fun and watch the story together. You’re even able to learn more about the brand through the content they display in the video, like coupons or links to the brand’s website.

Here are some fun brands that are taking advantage of augmented reality storytelling. 

The Walking Dead

The Living Labels app animates an impressive display of The Walking Dead characters. There are multiple wine labels for The Walking Dead, and each label tells a different story. The app’s features even allow you to turn your passion for wine into a game. If you combine multiple bottles, you’re able to unlock the greatest clash between the living and the dead. The labels on the bottles do a great job telling the story of The Walking Dead, keeping everyone entertained.

19 Crimes

Cheers to the Infamous! By the scan of a smartphone, this 19 Crimes infamous convicts from history telling their sides of the story – a customer favorite! 19 Crimes is currently growing 21 times faster than the red wine category, according to Treasury Wine Estates chief marketing officer, Angus Lilley

The emBRAZEN Living Labels collection shows prominent women from history, like Josephine Baker, Nellie Bly, and Celia Cruz. When the labels are scanned, a fire is set aflame, and consumers are able to interact with the label by dragging their finger over the label to reveal how each woman made her mark in history.